The Goldsmiths, A History
My Philosophy

“I hold a high standard in regards to the design and
Craftsmanship of each piece that is created within my
establishment. It must be well designed, executed with
precision and received by the client with great satisfaction.”

“We are now working with the 3rd generation of our
established clients and they feel like family.”

Kirsten Ross Goldsmith, Owner

Kirsten Ross is a pioneer in her profession as one of the first female owners of a custom design jewellery workshop in Calgary. Kirsten, a strong business woman, built her
reputation as a highly skilled Goldsmith and Designer in
Calgary through determination and dedication.


Kirsten began her apprenticeship at 17 as a Goldsmith in
Odense, Denmark. 4 years later she was judged on a
final master piece receiving a bronze metal. In 1962, she
arrived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the age of 21 and
worked for Crest Jewellers. In 1965, Kirsten worked for a
Jeweller in Edmonton. Returning to Calgary, in 1969, at the
age of 28, she started a business in partnership with her former boss. 3 years later, she became the sole owner.
Her reputation grew from initial wholesale work for other stores to establishing her custom cliental through word of mouth.

Kirsten Ross is well known and highly respected by her colleges.She’s been a mentor and an inspiration to the custom jewellery community, with her high level of skill and expertise at the bench and her success as a business woman for over 40 years.

The business is now family run with her two daughters Tina Ross and Debra Dedyluk by her side.

The staff design and carry on all aspects of Kirsten’s expectations to strive towards the highest standard of quality work, to do the absolute best for all clients, to treat each person who enters our establishment with the greatest respect and to ensure they receive customer satisfaction.